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Single-stranded DNA and RNA origami go live

By Benjamin Boettner (BOSTON) — Nanotechnologists are using DNA, the genetic material present in living organisms, as well as its multifunctional cousin RNA, as the raw material in efforts to build…

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3D Animation of MicroRNA biogenesis and functions | miRNA Blog

3D Animation of MicroRNA biogenesis and functions | miRNA Blog.

Viroids: Survivors from the RNA World?


Viroid A new review in Annual Review of Microbiology gives an excellent introduction to viroids.


  • Introduction: Why The Need For An RNA World?
  • Viroids: Essential Features
  • Discovery of a Subviral World
  • Structure: Small Circular RNAs with Compact Folding
  • Replication: Rolling-Circle Mechanism Catalyzed by Enzymes and Ribozymes
  • Sequence Diversity
  • Viroid-Related Replicons
  • Viroid-Like Satellite RNAs
  • Retroviroid-Like Elements
  • Hepatitis δ virus
  • Why Are Viroids And Viroid-Related Replicons Regarded As Survivors Of The RNA World?
  • Early Speculations on the Origin of Viroids
  • Circular RNAs: Relics of Precellular Evolution?
  • Viroid-Related Replicons
  • Summary

Viroids: Survivors from the RNA World? (2014) Annual Review of Microbiology, 68(1): 395-414. doi: 10.1146/annurev-micro-091313-103416

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Origin of Life | The Advanced Apes | PBS Digital Studios

Origin of Life | The Advanced Apes | PBS Digital Studios.

The Origins and Evolution of the Ribosome

via The Origins and Evolution of the Ribosome.

Interplanetary dust particles could deliver water and organics to jump-start life on Earth — ScienceDaily

Interplanetary dust particles could deliver water and organics to jump-start life on Earth — ScienceDaily.

Understanding the known unknowns of human gene annotation

Wellcome Sanger Institute Blog

25th November 2013
by Jonathan Mudge
The Human Genome Project was a starting point, not a finishing line. These three billion DNA letters will only be useful once we understand what they are telling us.

The Human and Vertebrate Analysis and Annotation (HAVANA) team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have spent ten years describing the gene content of the genome and last year we completed our first pass chromosome-by-chromosome annotation of all human chromosomes. Together with Ensembl, we contributed the GENCODE gene annotation set to the human ENCODE project. Nonetheless, our work continues. Indeed, there are times when it seems we are climbing an endless mountain, with its summit hidden behind the clouds.

There are two reasons why. Firstly, one bitter-sweet reward of next-generation sequencing is that the number of human RNAs (or ‘transcripts’) identified continues to increase, making the genome something of a moving target from an annotators…

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Ribosome Gallery

gallery key gallery keyGallery.

What’s a gene ?

What’s a gene ?

gene: how to define it ? Engineering, evolution, health, humanity …

  1. What’s a Gene? – Carlos Bustamante
  2. What’s a Gene? – Francis Collins
  3. What’s a Gene? – Ewan Birney
  4. What’s a Gene? – Bruce Korf (1)
  5. What’s a Gene? – Bruce Korf (2)
  6. What’s a Gene? – Michael Murray
  7. What’s a Gene? – Richard Wilson
  8. What’s a Gene? – Heidi Rhem
  9. What’s a Gene? – Marc Williams
  10. What’s a Gene? – Elise Feingold
  11. What’s a Gene? – Eric Green
  12. The Origin of Genes
  13. Genetics : What Is Gene Therapy?
  14. The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture: Dr. Thierry Vrain at TEDxComoxValley

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Capturing RNA-dependent pathways for cryo-EM analysis | Tanner | Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal



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