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SNORD76, a box C/D snoRNA, acts as a tumor suppressor in glioblastoma.




SNORD76, a box C/D snoRNA, acts as a tumor suppressor in glioblastoma.

Sci Rep. 2015;5:8588

Authors: Chen L, Han L, Wei J, Zhang K, Shi Z, Duan R, Li S, Zhou X, Pu P, Zhang J, Kang C

Glioblastoma (GBM) is associated with disproportionately high morbidity and mortality, reflecting the need to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic targets for this disease. Recently, accumulating evidence has suggested that small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are gaining prominence and are more actively involved in tumorigenesis than previously thought. However, no report concerning the implication of snoRNAs in glioma has been published to date. In our study, SNORD76 was first found to be inversely associated with Hox Transcript Antisense Intergenic RNA (HOTAIR) knockdown, and surprisingly, forcibly expressed SNORD76 inhibited proliferation and growth of glioma cells. Moreover, downregulation of SNORD76 led to a more malignant phenotype. The pleiotropy of SNORD76 overexpression could be achieved at least partially through inducing cell cycle arrest at S phase by affecting the Rb-associated cell cycle regulation. Enforced SNORD76 expression in orthotopic tumors resulted in decreased tumor growth and the reduction of tumor volume. Additionally, in surgically resected glioma tissues, SNORD76, not its host gene, was associated with the WHO classification and was selectively downregulated in GBM (WHO grade IV). Collectively, our study adds to a growing body of evidence for the participation of snoRNAs in gliomagenesis and is the first to implicate a snoRNA in glioblastoma.

PMID: 25715874 [PubMed – in process]

from pubmed: rna c/d box http://ift.tt/1Bho8BU


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